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Adult with plagiocephaly

The word itself comes from the Greek plagios oblique or slanted and kephale head. It is important to identify the type of plagiocephaly which is classified into: Frontal anterior plagiocephaly, caused by unilateral synostosis of the coronal suture Occipital posterior plagiocephaly, caused by unilateral synostosis of the lambdoid suture Frontal anterior plagiocephaly Causes This condition occurs with premature closure of one coronal suture on one side of the skull. The resulting deformity does not only affect the skull, but it also results in under development of the ipsilateral frontal bone forehead , supraorbital ridge eyebrow and anterior cranial fossa, giving a flattened appearance. The pathological changes also extend to involve the base of the skull resulting in lower facial deformity. This disorder is not congenital, does not have a genetic basis and is usually not associated with raised intracranial pressure. Symptoms A characteristic skull deformity is noted where the frontal bone is depressed on the affected side giving the normal side a false appearance of a bulging forehead.
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Plagiocephaly Helmets (Cranial Molding Helmets) | Michigan Medicine

The skull of a baby is basically a membrane, covered with bones that are not yet thick enough to protect the brain the way that an adult skull does. Chiropractic adjustments to the cranial sutures and occipital condyles where the skull meets the neck are a start to help remove the stress and torsion on the Dural system of the nervous system. The amount of pressure used to adjust a newborn is the amount of pressure you would use on your eyeball without causing pain. Reduce the amount of time the infant spends in car seats, carriers, swings or any other device that allows the child to rest on the back of the head. Tummy Time. Babies cannot get enough tummy time.
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Positional plagiocephaly

Maybe it is a fairly mild case, and you wonder if treatment is really that important. Treatment is not at all painful, and most babies adjust to their corrective helmets very quickly and easily. Remember, plagiocephaly is a very common, highly treatable condition. As long as you begin treatment within the appropriate age range while the skull is still rapidly forming itself, your child should respond very well to treatment. View a before and after case study here.
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Back to Health A to Z. In most cases they aren't a major cause for concern, as they don't have any effect on the brain and the head shape will often improve by itself over time. Your baby won't experience any pain or other symptoms, or any problems with their general development.
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